Wagging Tail Dog Park

Dallas, Texas


Lost and Found

Have you lost a dog? Have you found a dog? If so, please send details, contact info and a photo and we'll post it on the site.

Park open regular hours

Park update: March 18th

Effective today the park will be open regular hours, Tues - Sunday. The park is closed on Monday for maintenance. This is subject to weather and grounds permitting. To clarify and emphasize, "weather and grounds permitting" means that it is not raining and the grounds are not too wet from either previous or current rain. This means we could have a nice sunny day but the ground could still be too wet to open the park. Updates on closings will be available on the website and on the recorded message on the Wagging Tail Dog Park hotline at 214-670-1589.

Parking information

Wagging Tail Dog Park has been so successful that parking sometimes is a problem. The first question people ask is 'why didn't you build more parking?' The answer is that we planned a balance of parking to park space. If we built more parking then there would be less space in the park areas of the park. If you watch during busy times there is a continuous stream of people coming to the park but there are just about the same number of people leaving. Waiting just a few moments usually opens up a parking space. At times there are more cars than spaces and that's when there's a problem. Here's some friendly advise.  Dallas Parking Enforcement and the Dallas Police Department do patrol the park on a regular basis. Parking in a Fire Lane will result in a ticket and fine ($300). There are no warning tickets for  Fire Lane violations. This also applies to parking on the grass. Not only is it illegal, it can result in breaking a sprinkler line or head. Parking is OK along Keller Springs Road. There's even a new sidewalk and the walk probably won't hurt you or your dog. We all want the park to be successful and don't want you to go away unhappy because of a parking issue.  

Pictures from the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Send your photos from the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Opened on December 12, 2009, Wagging Tail Dog Park is located at 5841 Keller Springs Road. The magnificant 7 acre park is the first City of Dallas specifically designed dog park. The park features small and large dog play areas, a 1/4 mile walking trail, a deck overlooking White Rock Creek, both people and doggie drinking fountains and much more. The grounds are landscaped with native and hardy plantings and stone decking and seating. In keeping with the city's goals of being energy efficient the sprinkler system is solar powered. You'll hardly know you're in the middle of Far North Dallas. The park is open from sunup to sundown Tuesday-Sunday. The park is closed on Monday for maintenance. If Monday is an official City of Dallas holiday the park will be open. The park is also closed during inclement weather. This doesn't only mean inclement only for people and dogs, it means inclement for the grass and grounds. If the weather is inappropriate for the grounds the park will be closed. You can obtain latest park information and closings on the park hotline at 214-670-1589.
If your dog has not been to an off leash dog park before please get them and you acclimated. There are rules for the park. Some of these are offical City of Dallas rules and others are just good dog park etiquette. The first rule is to keep an eye on your dog at all times. The second is to pick up your dog's poop. The third is to please keep your dog on the leash until completely inside the play areas. The proper method is to open the outer gate watching for other dogs that might be in the area between the gates, close the outer gate and then open the inner gate, close the inner gate and then you're ready to take of your dogs leash and let the play begin. When leaving the play area, reverse the order. Please keep an eye out for dogs that might try to 'escape' as you enter or leave the play areas. You can read all the offical and un-offical rules on the 'about us' page. This is your park, please help us keep it a great park.